Monday, January 24, 2011

Diner Dash

After installing a game of Diner Dash in my Android, I was literally hungry for some diner food.  A invited me to go to Johnny Rockets at the newly-opened Veranda at the Robinsons Galleria. She said it was famous for the milkshakes and the burgers, so we went.

You could tell it took inspiration from the 50's: checkerboard floor, jukebox, and diner uniforms. I was looking for a diner, and I got my wish.

Dramatic shot taken with my phone camera. :)

I had A take a picture of me while waiting for our food to arrive.

And yes, the jukebox that really works!
Just like in the US, the crew entertains you every 20 minutes or so. Not that the food took a long time to prepare. :)

Yummy milkshake was the first to arrive. We had to split it in half. Diet, you know.

Chili dog and onion rings on the side (for an additional P50).  Yum!

J.R. Original burger for A. She wasn't too excited about the small order of fries on the side. :(
Overall, Johnny Rockets is a great place to treat the kids. There's definitely something for everyone in the family as well. The ambiance and the entertainment sure do make up for the pricey meals. :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Remembering Mom.

Today,  I honor my  mom. She passed away suddenly 24 years ago. Remembering her reminds me how short life is and how much I have to start enjoying the little things in life more often.Like playing games with my son, spending quality time with the special people in my life, and meeting up with family every now and then. Those, and to start eating and living healthy.

Thanks mom, for all the life lessons you imparted to me in the 12 years I had with you.  I will never forget you. :)

Lucky Me

It's just the first work week of the year, and I've been quite lucky! Got a free phone in a cake for the first time!

Next time you get a cake from friends, poke it first. :)