Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cool Sticks!


Who doesn't like ice cream? Well if you do know someone who doesn't appreciate one of man's best inventions, tell him he's  missing a lot.  Yummy, creamy, milky, flavorful, nutty, sweet, chocolatey, fruity, delectable dessert no one can deny. 

One of my latest discoveries in Trinoma mall:StickHouse.  I've seen it around but never had the chance to try it until now. And boy I was in for a treat! 

 They come in Regular, Premium, and Sorbet flavors. Regular flavors priced P70 are: Milk Cream, Gandua, and Chocolate. Premium Flavors priced at P80 are Pistachio (my favorite!) and Coffee. Sorbet flavors  priced at P60 are Strawberry and Mango.

You can choose from a variety of toppings (full - P25, half - P15)such as almonds, pistachios, coffee, and hazelnuts. You can go for milk chocolate or white chocolate dip for an additional P25.

The taste is very different from the Magnolia or Selecta flavor we're all used to. It carries a distinct flavor of powdered milk, at least for the pistachio bar I go for myself.
 Do give them a try at Level 1, 2, and 4 of the Trinoma mall. There's surely a new personal favorite waiting for you.
Pistachio bar with chocolate drizzle and pistachios

Cool Sticks

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tsk! Tsk!

I've always been lampa (clumsy). Growing up, I remember coming home from school with cuts, scrapes, and bruises regularly.

Now that I'm all grown, I am very much conscious of the way I walk, go down the steps, and run. I'm flat-footed too, which doesn't at all help with balancing issues. 

BUT, this particular mishap happened while I was quietly strolling in our community bazaar. I was simply looking for something to buy for lunch  and boom!
I tripped and on the way down heard a crunch and I knew right then that I had torn something. The pain brought tears to my eyes. Luckily I was with Alice and Sky and they helped me hop back to our unit and conducted first aid: RICE - Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. (We looked this up online as we were panicking about what to do next.

Oh boy. Lesson learned: mind your footing while at a bazaar. You'll never know if your absentmindedness gets you into an accident!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm back!

I haven't blogged in a while because:
1. Work has overtaken most of my waking hours
2. There is no number 2. Just number 1.

But you know what? I realized that is no way to live. Man, it's just work, right? I should really learn to prioritize. Almost every night for the last 2 months, I said to myself  "I'll blog tonight." And everytime I'd go out, I'd take loads of pictures and say "I'll blog about this." But  never did. So here I am. And hopefully, I can keep this up. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yahoo for Yakimix!

 As my first post in months I thought this should be about something I've been excited about for weeks and so here it is: Yakimix!

We got there at &:30 pm and we had to wait 45 minutes to get a table. The staff was friendly and they gave us complimentary drinks: a choice between iced tea,  mango juice, and blue lemonade.

At P580 per head and P65 for bottomless drinks, who could resist such an offer?

Buffet's always excite me. Being presented with so many food choices, I feel a thrill of planning out how to navigate the buffet table properly to make sure I can get a taste of everything they have to offer without overstuffing myself. Plus, at every booth/table restaurant-goers have the option to fry their chosen meats and seafood to however they want.  Now that's what I call fun!

Here's a sampling of what you can cook on your own in the comfort of your own table. The Yakiniku fryer guaranteed no smoke, therefore you wouldn't smell like the food you just ate when you leave the restaurant. Hooray!
There's also something for those who prefer the cooked variety. :) Yummy too, if you ask me.
Overall, the experience was quite fun.  I suggest a trip to the salad bar, then the Japanese sushi and maki bar, then to the cooked Chinese food section, followed by the raw meats and seafood for cooking fun. Finally, the dessert bar which offered the following: flan, chocolates, cookies, cakes, jellos, maccaroons, and a huge freezer filled with Selecta popsicles and ice cream.

Try this out with your friends/family soon. Great food, friendly service, and good value for your buck. :)