Monday, May 4, 2015

Stir It Up: new shake and sandwich banana Oreo Shake shack in Sabang Baler

I've been learning how to surf for almost 2 years now and have just about tried every restaurant and food shack there is in Sabang Baler. So when Stir It Up suddenly appeared B and I just had to try it.

The modest food shack shares customers with Kusina Luntian- a well known dining place where delicious liempo, Pako salad, dried pusit (along with a variety of dishes) can be devoured without the use of any utensils but your nimble fingers.

Stir it Up complements Kusina Luntian  by serving shakes and cool drinks to guests who patiently wait for their meals.

Banana Oreo Shake -P 80

Next time you go to Baler, try looking good around for un-touristy spots like Stir It Up to complete your trip.

Oh, here's a map so you can find it:


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