Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting to know the induction cooker

Out of necessity and fear of being helpless (and foodless) once the gas runs out, I decided to get an induction cooker. An induction cooker cooks/heats food faster and is more energy efficient only because you are supposed to finish cooking meals faster than over a fire. The induction cooker only works with any stainless pot or pan. If you place any other cookery with it, it simply won't heat/cook the food . The price for an induction cooker ranges from as low as P1,000 to P15,000. I got my Hanabishi induction cooker for P2,300 at Automatic Center in Cubao (Quezon City, Philippines). It came with a free stainless steel pan so it was ready to be used in case of emergency.

The day finally came when I ran out of gas while in the middle of preparing our breakfast (thank God it was a weekend!). I took out the manual, skimmed through it and was eager to start. I put some oil in the pan, since the manual said "never put an empty pot on the stove", placed it on top of the heating plate and pressed the ON button.

In a matter of SECONDS the oil was sizzling...but the pan was browning TOO! I panicked and turned it off. I guess, oil in the pan wasn't enough.
So take two: I put oil in the pan, put the garlic in and pressed the ON button again. I adjusted the heat to low and Viola! I was cooking! I had the fried rice and hot dogs cooked in under 10 minutes.
Induction cooker, you passed my test. It's great for emergencies and people living in small spaces. It's energy efficient and time saving as well. I do recommend you get one!


  1. I read somewhere that you can find out if your pots and pans are induction safe/ready by putting a ref magnet on the bottom of your pan. if it sticks then it's all good. :)

  2. Thanks, Batmae! I'll be sure to do that. I'm buying a new pan soon. :)

  3. thanks for the information..Is hanabishi good brand?

  4. so far so good, i bought our hic-90 last nov 2012 and since then up to present we are using it in all our cooking task at home excluding rice cooking because we just dont know if it can be used to do so.

  5. Hi, I've recently got myself a Hanabishi HIC 90 and am happy with it. Although I still worry about sauces sticking to the bottom if I don't continually stir. I haven't tried frying fish yet, does putting everything before turning it on works?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. This look great!! I bought mine last week here >> https://www.goods.ph/Nikon-Tough-Mama-Induction-Cooker-with-Free-Stainless-Pot-NTMIC-2-14282.html I previously use gas stove in cooking but I learned that using an induction cooker makes my life much easier! :D