Sunday, May 9, 2010

Life after Starbucks

In the early 2000's, when Starbucks appealed more to the working class, it was fun to hang out and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee or frappuccino with your closest friends. Service was great. Baristas would create relationships with their regular customers and give fast and precise service. Today, it's utter chaos. As much as I still enjoy the hot and cold drinks it offers, I noticed service isn't as impressive, and the crowd has become a bit more rowdy than before. This is why, I sought to find alternative coffee shops where I can enjoy my favorite drink in peace:

Red Ribbon
Red Ribbon's cappuccino was sooth on the palette as well as the pocket. My friend and i enjoyed not only RR's new coffee choices but it's revamped dishes as well:
Delicious Grilled Ensaymada with Farmer's Ham and Eggs was a pleasant surprise. We were simply curious what grilled ensaymada tasted like. I'm glad we tried it and we're sure to come back for it. :)
The ever safe Tocino with Egg and rice is still my favorite rice meal from Red ribbon!

Blenz Coffee
On another occasion, my son K enjoyed an alternative chocolate milk drink from Blenz Coffee (Megamall and Solaris Bldg, Makati). It's like drinking cold filipino style tsokolate. :)

Surprisingly, I didn't think that such a commercial brand like McDonald's can come up with products that aren't too commercial-tasting. Worth trying is the Cappuccino and Mocha. The price scheme is easier on the pocket too!

I'll be sure to visit these 3 places more often than Starbucks from now on. :)

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