Saturday, July 24, 2010

No more Messy with Bessy!

Thanks to a Samsung event I attended for work, I got to try some variants of the Messy Bessy line. If you aren't familiar with the brand yet, Messy Bessy manufactures home cleaning products which are all non-toxic and environment friendly.  They are available in selected supermarkets nationwide at reasonable prices.

The Samsung organizers launched their new microwave, french door refrigerator, and front load washing machine. I was  hoping to win the raffle and take home a neat home appliance but I wasn't at all disappointed when they handed me the Messy Bessy gift pack. 

I tried the all-purpose cleanser on my bathroom sink. It had a pleasant eucalyptic scent which I love! The texture is quite grainy which worked like a scrub on its own. Like Axion.

Another favorite is the Minty Orange Surface Cleaner. You know how when you're cooking and you mess up your kitchen counter WHILE you're cooking and need to clean up as your cooking? This is the perfect solution. Since its non-toxic, you can spray and wipe whenever you feel like it without worrying about being poisoned. :)

I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to turn to green living in the simplest ways. In small ways, we can help make the world a better place. :)


  1. hi, ang ganda naman po nung pinost nyong blog tnx for sharing

  2. Thanks Aira. I try to be green whenever I can. Hindi madali pero kailangan na talaga. For the kids, di ba?

  3. I've been saying I can only dream of a clean perfect world for my daughter but with small steps like this, I might just give her what she truly deserves. :)