Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

I'm very proud to say that our home participated in the Earth Hour movement which happened tonight between 8:30 to 9:30 pm.

How did we do it? We shut off all the lights, and removed all plugs from the sockets (except the refrigerator) and sat in the sala, chatting and playing Mario Kart on our Nintendo DS for an hour. My son Kyle enjoyed the weird experience and I feel it's an activity he's open to doing again. Our living room window gives us a good view of the Araneta Center and when we looked out during Earth Hour, it was darker than usual. It honestly felt good to be part of something to help save the planet. I thought, why stop at just turning off the lights for an hour, right? Like, when you order your favorite drink at Starbucks for dine in, opt to have your drink in the mug and not the wax-lined cup. Or, not get a straw when ordering your soda from your next fastfood meal.

With the state Mother Earth is in, I think Earth Hour should be a regular weekly or monthly activity initiated by our local governments, don't you think? Or we could have some sort of competition between districts like who had the least consumption of electricity/water for the month. Just a thought. :)

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