Saturday, March 27, 2010

Holy Week Holidays

With Holy Week holiday inching in, each day now feels soooo long. It's the first long break after Christmas break and all hard workers in the country are eagerly looking forward to this well deserved vacation.

So, where are you going during this glorious 4 -day respite from the hustle and bustle of work? To the mountains? Or the beach? Or maybe stay at home and do the Visita Iglesia on Holy Thursday?

My friends and I are going to Subic this Thursday and I'm excited! I've been there once before with Kyle, Alice, and Ridley to see the attractions in Zoobic (which I will write about soon) but we didn't get any swimming into the schedule since we were only there for the day.

I'm looking forward to spending the day at the Camayan Resort swim in the clear water and sizzle under the hot summer sun. The last time I went to Subic, I visited Camayan just to have lunch and remember the clear water and white sandy shores beckoning me to take a dip, but alas, night was falling and we needed to get out of SCTEX before dark. SCTEX does not have any lighting in some parts and it could be dangerous if you traverse this road at night.

But this time, it's me and the beach baby!

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