Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cool MRT tip for the Ladies

Here in the Philippines, the MRT has a special car in the front just for females, pregnant women, women/men with kids, and the elderly. You'd think it was a really good idea (if you're a girl) until you try to wrestle your way onto the train in the middle of morning/evening rush hour.

I've experienced all sorts of frustrations while waiting for my turn to get on the train during rush hour:

1. When guards stop the passengers from entering the platform area because here are too many people on it.
2. Guards take too long to inspect bags, packages, and what not.
3. Once on the platform, 10 trains pass by and you can't seem to get on because of the sheer volume of passengers.
4. Sweating like hell because once you get squished between alighting passengers there's no space in between your bodies for air to pass through.
5. Getting nasty looks from the other passengers because you accidentally blow air on their necks while cooling yourself with your own breath.
6. Once inside the train, you have to hold your breath until your stop in to avoid inhaling "toxic" odors from all sources.
7. Getting stepped on, pushed, squished, coughed on, sneezed on, and all that.
8. Having to deal with chatty women who don't seem to mind talking loudly, and giggling all over the place amidst women who are trying to keep their cool in the jam-packed car.
9. Once you reach your stop, you have to act like Moses and part the sea of passengers to get to the door...all the while praying that the door doesn't close on you.

Yeah, the cool tip? I was getting to that: Ride the 2nd or 3rd car. Trust me it's much quieter, and less catty looks when you accidentally step on someone's toes. Plus, you don't have to wait for 10 trains to pass by before you can get on. Although, there's not much you can do about the smell. Just have to bear it until your next stop. :)

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