Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I spent over 15 years singing in prestigious choirs and what I can say after that experience is " once a chorister, always a chorister".

When I started singing in a choir in college, I never thought it would become my passion. Learning to sing using my diaphragm, making my voice stronger and becoming more conscious of my pitch, having to get used to singing with another male and female voice simultaneously, was just the beginning. But once I mastered controlling my voice, and started performing in front of audiences here and abroad, it opened up a whole new world for me. Little do people know highly (and feared in competitions) Filipino choirs are regarded all over the world.

That's why when Glee first aired, I thought "well it's about time!" Although viewed as losers, the gleeks are the underdogs everyone cheers for because of their "inner beauty". If you haven't watched the show, it's about a group of highschool kids who by some weird twists of fate end up in the high school glee club. From the plot, you'd think it's a show for teens, but you'd be surprised how entertaining it could be for anyone who's into sitcoms and music. Um, wait, that's about everybody, right?

The show is filled with musical and dance numbers, which awes me a lot. How difficult it must be to put one episode together! Learning choreography, recording the music, memorizing their lines in between, that must be really tough, but absolute fun I'm sure! And tomorrow, April 14, season 2 begins! Woohoo!

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