Saturday, April 3, 2010

Subic Sunburn

As I've mentioned in my previous entry about Subic, I was soooo excited about this trip because I felt that it was much deserved break for me from the pressures of work and house chores. Of course I made sure that the house was neat and tidy before we left, or else my mind wouldn't have been at peace during my vacation. :)

Packed in our trusty Suzuki Alto, with three good friends, we set out for Subic at 8:00 am. Well we could have left earlier but that's another story altogether. Throughout the ride, we passed through quite a number of toll gates. First of which was the one to pass through Balintawak which cost us P36.00, after a few minutes, we paid the P138.00 toll to cruise the NLEX,

after an hour we reached the great SCTEX highway and travelled at top speed (to the enjoyment of our driver) and paid P112.00 toll fee at the end.

The last toll we had to pay for was the Tipo Highway which cost the smallest fee of all: P18.00. So all in all, for future reference, you need to prepare about P304 just for toll fees.

There were a lot of pleasant sights along the way, though you could really see that summer had taken its toll on the greenery.

2.5 hours after leaving Manila, we arrived in Subic and we were famished. We decided to check out Xtremely Xpresso Cafe which had a lot of good reviews in the net for their Lavazza coffee, burgers and ice cream.

Unfortunately, we arrived at 10:30 am and they were only serving breakfast, thus no burgers for us. :(

So, I got the fried Bangus to be safe,

Alice got the American Breakfast,

Doyt got the English Breakfast

and our small friend Oh got a super sized Oriental Chicken Salad which at P150.00 could feed 4 people.

None of us got the Lavazza espresso because it was too warm for hot coffee and so we all got cold frappes which we weren't too happy about. (sorry, XX)

I guess this trip to XX will not be my last as I have yet to try their other entrees. Till we meet again XX! be continued

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